Wann Ranch Sunset

The genetics we use are mostly ABS sires, but they have to meet certain criteria. We mostly use proven bulls, but are tempted from time to time to help prove a young sire. Our goal at Wann Ranch is to provide you with docile animals that are easy fleshing, low birth weight, high weaning weights, high yearling weights, and the best carcass package possible. We are using numerous Circle A sire Alliance proven bulls to identify feed efficiency. With today’s feed prices that is big. We believe in live calves while you sleep easy at night. If this is what you want you need to contact us and let us help you. We also have a vaccination protocol 2nd to none.¬†We are Free of AM, NH, CA and are tested BVD PI free. All our bulls will be Virgin bulls or will be Trich tested prior to sale. You will receive a copy of the Trich test or a Virgin Bull affidavit to satisfy your state of entry. You can buy from Wann Ranch with confidence.

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