Our A.I. program goes all the way back to Traveler 23-4, Venture Forward, Bando 155, New Design 036, 878, Power Design, Lead On and even EXT. The more recent sires would include the following: Mytty In Focus, Objective, Impression, Rito Revenue, Chinook, Final Product, EF Complement, P.A. Power tool, Special Focus, 2U66, Absolute, Hoover Dam and even CC and 7, Tour of Duty, Reserve, Rampage. Our 100 plus sale bulls this spring 2016 will average a CED of 9.5 (top 20% 0r the breed),  BW of .5 (top 20%), WW 56 (top 20%), YW 98 (top 20%), and a $120 beef (top 15%). Folks, this is quite a package. I challenge you to compare quality with prices on equivalent animals across the US. As small as we are, we will still be available to anybody in the U.S. by way of DVAuctions on the web during sale day.

Fall 2016- Equip is our latest herd sire edition


Fall 2015- ASSET is the new heifer bull on the Ranch




Spring 2014 We have added yet another heifer bull that will be at Origen stud this fall Excalibur ExCalibur

Spring 2014-This young Clean up sire is no slacker Big Mack Big Mac

Spring 2013-Our Junior herd sire Foundation  This one is for sale. Call me at 918-658-8471. You will take him home.Foundation_DSC_7559

Spring 2012-Our main herd bull we call Klink Klink_DSC_7534



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